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Bucal Fat Pad Reduction
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      Unhappy with your cheeks?


      Do you think your face is too round?

      Today this can be changed in a 20 minute ambulatorial procedure.


      The Bucal Fat Pad Reduction (Bichectomy) is achieved through a small 1,5cm incision inside the mouth. Through this incision the Bichat Bucal Fat can be removed changing the contour of the face, giving a "top model" look.      

Bucal Fat Pad Reduction
Bucal Fat Pad Reduction (Bichectomy)

Post-Operative Timeline

2 days

3 days

14 days

30 days

2 months

Avoid hard and hot foods.

Mild exercise allowed.

Swelling reduced, results become visible.

Light physical exercise permitted.

All physical activities permitted.

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