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Stem-Cell Facelift


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      It's autologous cellular regeneration using stem cells from the patient's plasma to rejuvenate the face, hands and treat stretch marks, skin laxity and baldness.


      The procedure takes about 45 minutes and the next day you can return to normal labor and social activities, including gym. For optimal results are necessary 3 monthly sessions of PRP using the dermaroller ("Cold Laser") plus 6 sessions of Radio-Frequency (Hooke ') and this is the package we are offering.


      Baldness treatment is longer, 5 monthly sessions of PRP using the dermaroller ("Cold Laser") plus 10 sessions of Radio-Frequency (Hooke ') and 40 sessions of LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy), specific for baldness. The LLLT is done 2 times per week.


      The results are really incredible, because the laser alone already gives excellent results. The process of "irritating" the subcutaneous tissue using radiofrequency and PRP increases neo-vessel formation becoming viable hair follicles until then atrophied.


      Treatment aim is the reorganization of collagen in the treated area which "stretches" the face (lifting effect), corrects skin laxity and treat stretch marks, even white ones and, does literally "grow" hair on bald people, regardless of sex.


      The result of each session appears after 3 weeks and the difference in quality, freshness and hydration of the skin is already observed on the next day.


      It is the cutting edge treatment among artists in U.S. It’s a non-surgical treatment with no risk of allergy or rejection because it’s done with autologous material.

      The combination of this treatment with Facial Fillers leads to exceptional results in facial elevation as well as skin quality.


Stem-Cell Facelift
Vampire Face-Lift

15 days

Radiofrequency session.

30 days

Repeat Prp application and the entire process monthly.

3 months

End of treatment.

Post-Operative Timeline

1 day

24h without washing the area.

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