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Breast and Tummy Tuck

Breast and Abdomen Plastic Surgery


     The association of tummy tuck and breast surgery is, maybe, one of the best surgical associations in Plastic Surgery. It is a procedure that gives huge satisfaction to the patients once there is a substantial change of the corporal contour. This surgery requires 24 to 48 hours of hospitalization and epidural or general anaesthesia. 

      After the surgery we will need more 4 to 5 days of home rest, and after the first week you can return to practically normal life just avoiding physical exercises and beaches (30 days). 

      With the advent of the "Lipoabdominoplasty" nowadays we can correct, in the same surgery, not only the excess of skin and the laxidity of the muscles, but also all the excess of fat in the abdomen, is a combination of "abdominoplasty" with "liposuction". 

      For the breasts nowadays we have a infinity of techniques, always aiming to let a minimum resultant scar. The inverted "T" resultant scar, common in the past, today is used only in "giant breasts" cases. 

      In the great majority of the cases the problem is solved only with a scar around the areola or a little vertical scar. 

      If the breast is too soft we can use a little silicon implant, not to increase the size but to give sustainment so it stays "stiff”. This technique has the advantage of diminishing even more the resultant scar. 


3D step-by-step virtual procedure, see below:

Post-Operative Timeline

7 days

14 days

30 days

2 months

3 months

All physical activities allowed. Removal of surgical garments (abdomen).

Return to light physical activities. End of surgical garment's use (breast).

Driving allowed. Surgical garment's use becomes intermittent. May raise arms (breast surgery).

Walks are permitted. Less abdominal flexion

End of bed rest, drainage massages begin.

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