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Gynecomastia removal

      The presence of mammary tissue in male after the puberty is called gynecomastia. This pathology usually cause traumas, causing shame to take off the shirt in public etc.

      We have two types of gynecomastia, the true one that it is the presence of mammary tissue in man after the puberty, whose correction is made through a small incision in areola and the withdrawal of the tissue; and the pseudo-gynecomastia that is the formation of a small breast in the man, by fat. 

      In this last case the correction is made by lipoaspiração. The correction of both are extremely simple and fast, and leads about 1 hour. 

      In any case the procedure is made under local anesthesia with or without venous sedation, in accordance with the will of the patient.

Gynecomastia removal

Post-Operative Timeline

5 days

End of bed rest, arm movement restricted.

14 days

Unrestricted arm movement (without weight).

30 days

Return to physical activities.

45 days

3 months

Removal of surgical garments. Lifting weights permitted..

Final result.

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