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Fillers (Facial Harmonization)

Harmonização Facial

      The so-called "Facial Harmonization" is nothing more than a new name for a very old procedure, facial filling either with alloplastic substances or body fat.


      These techniques have now been sold as novelties in reality since the 1970s when filling with bovine collagen (Artecoll® and others) that required a skin test 30 days before application.


      After this came Polymethylmethacrylate (Metacrill®, Linnea Safe®, etc.) and Hydrogel (Aqualift®) as permanent fillers. With the appearance of serious complications of these two products the fillings began to be made with Hyaluronic Acid (Restylane®, Perlane® others) that only lasted a few months but did not give adverse reactions.


      Finally today we have the Reticulated Hyaluronic Acid (Juvederm® and others) that have a much longer duration reaching up to 2/3 years the results.


      Of course parallel to all these products the body's own fat is used. In the beginning (80's) only lasted 2 years but today with the modern treatments we do and new application techniques lasts as much or more than alloplastic products.


      In fact all this we do since the 80's is Facial Harmonization that includes both Feminization and Masculinization of the face surgeries so common nowadays! We use the products of the Juvéderm line, Allergan (reticulated hyaluronic acid), Voluma® for areas in which volume is needed (malares, mento, etc ...); the Volift® (facial expression lines, Chinese mustache and nasogenian sulcus) and Volbella® specific for fine periocular lips and wrinkles.


      These procedures are quick and do not require hospitalization. The products already come with local anesthetic and its application takes on average 30 minutes, then just go home to put ice on the spot for 24 hours and wait for the final result, which occurs at the most in 2 weeks.


      By combining these fills with "Vampire Lift" (stem cell rejuvenation) we achieve exceptional results at any age!

Facial Fillers
Facial Fillers
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