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CO2 Laser

        The arrival of CO2 Pulsed Laser has brought to many facial dermatological lesions and aesthetic pathologies a solution much more adequate, fast and with less morbid results. In our thought, with the CO2 Laser, the resolution of the pan-facial photoaging, wrinkles, scars, queloids and the great majority of dermatological pathologies may be solved without hospitalization or general anesthesia and with a minor risk for the patient. 

      The development of the CO2 Pulsed Laser, which makes minimal the thermal injury on the adjacent tissues of the treated area, has been responsible for the progress attained in relation to Facial Renewal, in general. Though there is already a very rich literature on the benefits of the Laser treatment, as much to facial wrinkles as to many others several dermatological lesions, queloids and scars. 

      Nowadays, the pulsed CO2 Laser is be the preferred device used on the routine treatment of dermatological lesions and facial wrinkles, because it does not need general anesthesia, it leaves no scars and it works with no bleeding, renouncing the use of conventional surgical material, thus removing the patient's risk of infection. 

      The "Co2 Laser Skin Resurfacing" is the cutting edge technique to facial renewal. The Laser bean shrinks the skin working directly on the elastic and collagen fibers without cuts, stitches or resulting scars. In C.C.P.R. we use the Optic Fiber Luxar equipment. 

CO2 Laser Pen

3D step-by-step virtual procedure, see below:

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