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Butt Implants
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       Like breast implants, gluteal augmentation using implants are also extremely simple. The procedure is done under epidural anesthesia and 12 hours of hospitalization. A small incision, of 7 cm, in the intergluteal crease where the implant will be placed is made. This incision becomes unnoticeable quickly.

      The surgical procedure is extremely fast (about 1 hour), and immediately after the surgery the patient can sit and walk around, but recline just after 1 week.

       During the post-operatory period there is no need, anymore, to sleep face down for 1 week. We are using a new post-operatory position so the patient can start sleep on her back or side just after the surgery.

Butt implants

Post-operative Timeline

1 day

7 days

14-21 days

30 days

2 meses

Allowed to sit mildly reclined.

Return to driving and normal life.

Physical exercises completed.

Final result.

Allowed to sleep in any position.

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