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Liposculpting / Liposuction

What's the difference? Which one is the best? 

      Liposculpture is actually an enhancement of liposuction. Both methods aim to remove excess fat in the subcutaneous to improve body shape. The great difference is in the cannulas that are much thinner in liposculpture (less than half the diameter of liposuction) and the depth of work that is much more superficial in liposculpture.


      In technical terms, thick cannulae could not get very close to the skin in liposuction, because if the aspiration were superficial, it would cause depressions due to the large diameter of the cannulae of the time. Today, in liposculpture, thanks to the tiny diameter of the cannulas, we can work very close to the skin without causes the unpleasant depressions, so common in the times of the liposuction. Another great progress that came from liposculpture was the possibility that, by inverting the cannula in the superficial layers of the subcutaneous tissue, close to the skin, to "irritate" this skin to stimulate its retraction and, with this, to avoid, in most cases, the removal of the skin in a second surgical time.


      It is clear that in cases of large abdomens in "apron" there will always be a need for a second procedure for skin removal, however, with the possibility of skin retraction in the first surgical phase, the scar of the second phase will certainly be much smaller, since the amount of skin to be withdrawn will substantially decrease.

Liposculpting / Liposuction
Liposculpting / Liposuction

      Best of all, is that all these procedures can be done under local anesthesia, with only oral sedation, and without the need for hospital admission. The patient spends about 3 hours at the Clinic and returns home.


      At the surgical site, we use only a special elastic tape that, in addition to being firm enough to allow the patient to return to normal activities after 3 postoperative days, still avoids the appearance of purple spots, so common in the old procedures. In this type of procedure the only major restriction is regarding the gymnastics that should be avoided for 30 days.


      Another great development, not only of the technique itself, but of the process as a whole was the advent of "endermology" which is used from the 3rd Postoperative week with the intention of removing the last edemas by the effective lymphatic drainage that the technique provides, besides avoiding postoperative irregularities by the deep massages.

3D step-by-step virtual procedure, see below:

Post-Operative Timeline

5 days

End of bed rest. Continuous use of surgical garments.

7 days

Return to day-to-day life (with some erithema), removal of stitches.

21 days

Swelling reduced, initiates lymphatic drainage.

2 months

3 months

End of surgical garments use.

Final result.

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