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Brow lift

      The position of the eyebrows is extremely important to give the "youth apearance" so desired by everybody!

      For this reason several techniques can be used to achieve this result. We have the threads for eyebrows elevation - the so-called "Curl lift", the technique of Endobrow, quite convenient when you are doing together with superior eyelid surgery once it is all done by the same incision and the temporal facelift, with a small incision behind the hairline, on the sides.

      The "Curl lift" was created in 1967 by a French surgeon named Dr. René Guillemain snd was forgotten for decades until being rediscovered by Dr. Pierre Fournier who taught us in 2001. Since then we have presented this technique, along with the MACS lift, in several National and International Congresses.

      Ideal position of the eyebrows: woman in the lateral portion (cause) must be higher than the inner portion and the man must be both at the same time as the models of the photos.

Ideal eyebrow on a woman
Ideal eyebrow on a man
Ideal eyebrow

Post-Operative Timeline

3 days

7 days

21 days

30 days

6 months

Final result.

Physical exercises and beaches allowed.

Aerobic exercises allowed.

Stitches are removed

Removed micropore on the forehead.

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