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Breast Implants

      Used since the 50 ' silicon breast implants had been the great sensation of the 50 ' and 60 ' for correction of all breast deformities. With time, problems became to appear, as the hard retractable capsule formation in almost 25% of the cases, compelling the manufacturers to search for improvements in the implants quality throughout these last 50 years. 

      After as many years of anguish looking for an optimum type of silicon implant, we don't really have yet the ideal, but the percentage of problems, today, lowered to less than 1%. The type of silicon changed, as well as its cover, basic structural changes had occurred till the modern cohesive gel silicon implants with texturized covers.

Breast Implants
Domingos De Paola demonstrating breast sizers

      The great advantage of this cohesive gel it can´t spread in the body in the case of a cover rupture, it is like a glue. It stays in the same place without moving and without damage to the patient. The texturized cover avoid the formation of the retractable capsule, so feared in the past. 

      The surgery is extremely simple, made under local anesthesia and venous sedation. The whole procedure ends in 45minutes and, after 2 or 3 hours the patient can go back home. After 1 week we remove the special dressing (elastic bandage) and the stitches and ...... normal life! 

      For the simplicity of the procedure and absence of visible scars this method has been the preferred one for correction of 80% of breast aesthetic problems. Just in the case of giant or very very limp breasts we indicate, nowadays, the conventional inverted "T" technique. 

3D step-by-step virtual procedure, see below:

Post-Operative Timeline

7 days

End of bed rest, allowed arm movement without weights.

21 days

Allowed driving and mild exercise.

45 days

Return to regular physical activities. End of surgical garment use.

2 months

6 months

Allowed to sleep on our stomach.

Final result.

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