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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

      The rhinoplasty is made under local anesthesia and after 2 hours you can go home. Only if you have the necessity of a bone correction (fracture) we indicate a venous sedation with the presence of an anesthesiologist, but even so, you can go home right after the surgery. The post-operatory is not painful, but is necessary to maintain the nose plugged with a tampon for 24 hours, which causes just a little discomfort. 

      The kind of surgery we will do in your particular case (with or without the fracture), I will only be able to say after examining your nose during initial consultation. 

      In the same way during the consultation we find out if the surgery will be made inside the nose or with a little cut in the columella (exo-rhinoplasty). 

The recovery time is around a week, period where the external dressing is also retreat.

But beaches and physical exercises only with 30 days. 


3D step-by-step virtual procedure, see below:

Post-operative Timeline

2 days

Avoid hard and hot foods.

7 days

Removal of plaster bandages (substituted by micropore strips).

14-21 days

Swelling reduced. Removal of micropore strips.

2 months

6 months

Return to physical activities.

Final result.

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